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June News

I hate to sound like a broken record, but the majority of the news in this post will center around the BIG event held in Guelph next month.

Our Dojo will have representation from over 15 members. Also we will get to see fellow students Ed and Tony Gao who know live in Calgary and Toronto respectively. Please visit for the lastest details. Thanks to Ronnie, we were able to secure a great price on direct flights with WEST JET. The following week will see YAGI, Akihiro Sensei travel back to PEI after a long 12 year absense. Please stay tuned for PEI seminar details.

Just a reminder that our Summer Camp will be held the first weekend in August. and will be located at the Cymbria Campgound.

Congrats to all the Kids that have been promoted over the last few weeks...... For the Kids taking the summer off, I would like to take this time to wish all a great fun filled safe summer vacation and look forward to having you back on the Dojo floor in September.

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