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The Meibukan Crest



    (MEI / bright) - (HI / sun) (TSUKI / moon)


1. MEI TO WA AKARAKA DE SUJIO TOSU I - reads the Mei of Meibu-kan correlates to the Karateka's overall character and personality..... Pure, clear minded, having a good heart. The Kanji Mei appears in all of the men's names of the YAGI Family.  Including the next generation, Akihiro Sensei’s first son, Meiou, meaning the pure king!


2. IN / YO (Hi to Tsuki). The first meaning Sun (HI) and the second meaning moon (TSUKI). This meaning in itself is symbolic of the style's origin. Gojyu-ryu means Hard / Soft Style. The techniques and philosophies of the style revolve around dualities in nature, so the Kanji sun and moon represent this.


3. AH UM HI WA SHIMARI TSUKI WA HIRAKU - Ah means exhaling (open), represented by the kanji for moon. Um mean inhaling (closed) represent by the kanji for sun. Again here is a duality of nature.


4. GOJYU HI WA FUTOKU TSUKI WA HOSOKU GOJYU-RYU WO ARAWASU - The sun is thick, constant. The moon is slender, flexible. This expresses the hardness and the softness of Gojyu-ryu


5. ICHIGEKI HISSATSU HI TO TSUKI (Hito tsuki suna wachi ichigi hissatsu o arawasu) - The character Mei combines sun and moon to read Hito Tsuki which means in the context of Karate technique.... ONE PUNCH. To a Karateka this is one of the most important aspects of classical Karate-do. Hito tsuki (one punch) is a concept that deals with the Karateka's awareness of every time that they practices in the Dojo they must give 110% both physically and mentally and think as if the technique thrown could possible be their last.


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