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Winter News 2017

First off, a big congrats goes out to all the new Shodans that were promoted during our Ninen Keiko Training on New Years Eve. Newly promoted were Phil Tweel Jr., Elizabeth Lee, Michelle Thompson and Stephen Thompson.

Other Kyu promotions were: Brown Belt - Catherine Martin. Blue Belt - Hannah Thompson, Lucas Thompson, Eliza Dickie, Halena Tweel. Orange Belt - Jason McCallum, Teresa Olscamp, Sam Olscamp, Ajit Balasundaran, Samira Tweel, Madison Dickson, Trista MacNiell, and Owen Stanley. Yellow Belt - Lindsay McClintick. Excellent job to all!

For those students planning to travel to Japan this summer for YAGI Meitatsu Sensei 73rd birthday celebrations, please let Sensei know ASAP, we will be having a meeting very soon to go over the details.

Our annual Memorial Training for YAGI, Meitoku Dai Sensei will be held on Monday February 6th, 2017 at the Sherwood Dojo. There will also be special training for Meitoku Sensei on Monday March 6th to commemorate his 105th birthday.

Brock Sensei would like to send a special thanks to Sempai Matt MacPhee for helping cover classes this past fall during his busy season at work. Matt Sempai is turning out to be a fine leader and role model.

Just a reminder that our Dojo will be closed during the March break as Sensei will be travelling to Quebec for a skiing adventure.

Please remember, "Karate ni Sente Nashi", there is no first attack, for self defence only!

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