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May News

Great news to report on this summer's visit from the YAGI Family....... YAGI, Akihiro Sensei will be visiting PEI (after a 12 year absence) to perform seminars, the second week of July. After the Canadian Championships in July, both Master YAGI, Meitatsu and eldest son, YAGI, Akihito Sensei will travel to Winnipeg and Vancouver to finish off their leg of the month long Canadian Tour.

As seen on our homepage, this year's summer camp will be held the first weekend of August and will be held at the beautiful Cymbria Campground. As with previous year's, we should have a few visitor's from Upper Canada. Please stay tuned for further updates and the posting of the Camp Itinerary.

The Colour Run is on July 12th this year... the Dojo plans to put in a team..... so with that said, please pack some running cloths in your Gi Bag, as we could be heading out for a run some nights during class!

Please note, the Dojo will be closed on Victoria Day Monday - May 19th.

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