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About Us!


Exercise with a purpose..... Building Confidence, Respect and healthy lifestyle for 25 years.


What makes our program different. We don't try to make good fighters, we try to make good people, plain and simple by teaching good character development, discipline, and physical fitness through the teachings of Classical Okinawan Karate-do. Our program runs 3 nights a week at the Sherwood Rec. Hall on Maple Ave (beside the Cody Banks Arena).


For directions, see the map posted at the bottom of this web site. If you plan to try a class just arrive with sweat clothes, that's it. We offer 3 trial classes so you will have lots of time to figure out if this Dojo and program is the right one for you.


To view our Frequently Asked Questions click here.


For more information call Brock Sensei or Norma Sempai at 940-0257, or Email

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