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Meibukan Theory

For Meibukan Gojyu-ryu Karate, the most important thing is to Endure! Everything Endure! We don't have secret technique. Practice, practice and practice gives you nice Kata.


In Meibukan, the most important thing is Philosophy. How to behave, how to talk to seniors is most important. The overall Meibukai goal is to become a nice person to contribute positiviely to the world.



"....Karate men have to be careful of our behaviour. Never break a promise. If we keep a promise to each other, we don't need to make laws. Never make trouble with others. Be kind to others and be strict to yourselves."

Dai Sensei Meitoku Yagi, Hanshi Judan

( 1912 - 2003 )

The Japanese kanji, literally means "path" or "road". Michi is also interpreted to mean "the way" or pronounced "do" in Japanese. We are aware of the meaning of "the way" as written in Karate-do... the way of the empty hand. This denotes the practice of Karate as a way of life rather than a sport. The saying "never break a promise", is a way a Karateka should lead their life. Their word is the most important thing is life when it comes right down to it. You can be financially rich but money can be spent or lost. A Karateka strides for a healthy life, but it can too deteriorate or finally be exhausted. Your honour or word will always be there, but it is only as important as you make it.

It is said that a student who fully understands Michi will learn to overcome the biggest fear of life.....Death!! Similar to the Bushido code of the Samurai, Michi gives the Karateka a strict code of ethics to follow. Once Michi is mastered, a Karateka can experience life at the highest possible level and no longer will the Karateka experience daily fears in life and have the greatest courage to conquer all.

Michi as brushed by Master YAGI, Meitatsu
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