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Reigisaho is the Japanese word for Etiquette, Manner, or Conduct. The dojo is a sacred place where we train ourselves physically and mentally. All students of Goju-ryu Meibu-kan should respect the Dojo and observe the following Reigisaho:


- before entering the dojo, remove outer clothing. After taking off your shoes at the entrance, place them neatly in order. If your

find shoes in disorder, place them in order also.


- If a senior student is standing behind you at the entrance, let him go in first.


- upon entering/exiting the dojo, show respect by bowing facing inward to the dojo.


- Always be polite to your instructors and senior students.


- Always try to keeps your practice cloths clean and tidy.


- Keep your finger and toe nails short to prevent injury to other students when practicing together.


- When the instructor calls Shiretsu, line up smartly, facing the front of the dojo.


- When the instructor calls Mukosu! (Meditation), close your eyes and breathe deeply from the lower stomach, and try to achieve concentration.


- While practicing, listen carefully and seriously to the advice and instructions given to you.


- When using training equipment, please handle it with care.


- Do not forget to thank anyone (Arigato gozaimus) who gives you some advice on Karate.


- everyone is expected to work hard.... ENDURE!!


- Provoking violence will result in immediate expulsion.


- If you are injured, please report it to your Sensei before class.


- Remember while training in the dojo: no hands on hips, no hands crossed in front of chest and no leaning on the wall. Remember to always stand at the ready position


- If you have a question during the class, please raise your hand.


- No jewellery is to be worn in the dojo, it can be dangerous.


- No excess talking during your training period / Keep on your Karate Face.

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