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October News

Sorry we have been off line the last few months, so lets catch up!!!! First off the Dojo would like to congratulate Elizabeth Lee, Conor Dever, Michelle Thompson and Stephen Thompson on receiving their Blue Belts. Great job by all! What made the night more special was the fact the testing was October 8, which coincides with the Memorial of Master Miyagi, Chojun.

On Friday October 24th, the Dojo will be hosting its annual Halloween bash.... one rule to enter, you must be in costume (don't come dressed up as a Karate student!). The highlight of the night will be the cosume contest. So looking forward to a scary night!!!

This month, the traditional Karate World lost another great Karate-do Master, Masami Tsuruoka Sensei. Tsuruoka Sensei was known as the Father of Canadian Karate; starting Canada's first official Dojo in 1957. Our Dojo would like ot offer condolences to his family, and also to his many friends and students around the world.

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