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April News

April 5th is a big day, Sempai Norma's birthday and also the birthday of our Kaicho, YAGI, Akihito Sensei. The Dojo wishes both of your a very Special Day!!! What made this morning even more memorable was the fact that Souris Meibukai under the leadership of Sensei Patrick Power called Norma Sempai to sing her Happy Birthday... that Souris Dojo Rocks!!

The Dojo would like like to welcome new students: Jason and Matthew Roberts, Rafe and Gorja Hambly, and Pheonix Li.

For those students planning to go to Guelph and compete this summer, I would start putting your training plans into action.... as it is just a little more that 3.5 months away. Remember to have a back up Kata for both open hand and Kobudo!

Kids stay sharp, cause the next evaluation is just a few weeks away.... stay tuned for details.

Brock Sensei is continuously adding Material to this site so please check back regularly!! see ya next month

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