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March News

The Winter is almost over..... which means spring and summer is around the corner!! We have a lot on the go this summer, mostly the preparation for the 2014 IMGKA Canadian Championships. Our Dojo's contingent of students is looking very strong, close to 15 students will be travelling to Guelph to participate. The highlight of the weekend of course will be the celebration of Master YAGI Meitatsu turning 70 on July 7th. During YAGI Sensei's stay in Canada, here will be visiting Dojo performing Seminars/Clinics on Gojyu-ryu Meibukan. Please stay tune for more information on this special weekend of classical Karate-do.

This month's Philosophy Corner!!!!!

How many people have heard of "Karate ni Sente Nashi"? Karate is for self defense only..... please learn this phrase and more importantly practice its principle! When we bow in and out for class, our hand position reflects this philosophy in that the open hand is always cover the closed fist.... always be in control of our aggression!

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